Human resource excellence

A World Class Standard Dedicated to Improving The Performance of Organisations. Through the Performance of People

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What is HRE?

Human Resource Excellence´ is about “Improving the performance of organisations through the performance of people”. Human Resource Excellence® is an International Standard which allows Multinational Organisations to adapt and implement the ethos and spirit
of a common standard across its global organisation while appropriately reflecting localised cultures and practices.


Any organisation of any size, public or private sector, commercial or not-for-profit, can significantly benefit from the implementation of the Human Resource Excellence® Standard. The common dominator is that we all employ, manage and develop our people
to optimise the performance of our organisations and achieve goals & objectives.

Accredited Partners

Human Resource Excellence® is delivered to Client Organisations through a unique combination of Trained and Contracted ‘Accredited Partners’ and advanced on-line support services for both Clients and Partners. If you wish to become an Accredited Partner
please go to ‘Contact Us’ but very generally, the Optimum Results Ltd contract requires its ‘Accredited Partners’…