Human Resource Excellence® is innovative, utilizing cost and time effective, advanced on-line services. Delivering your training courses online means that the learning is always consistent and flexible enough to work around busy work rosters. Reporting is literally at the touch of a button. It easily manages, tracks and records all training activity, be it e-learning or classroom based, and simple filters allow you to view and print reports for management meetings, auditors or assessing staff development.

Key Benefits

Save you time | Reduce training time from days to hours. Access training in seconds 24/7 from any location.

Reduce costs | No more travel expenses. No more staff downtime. No more days off to train. Minimize the requirement for expensive external trainers.

Increase performance | Due to the nature of the instructional design of our online training courses, staff productivity levels increase levels of subject competency increases the application of that knowledge into daily work increases.

Track and record your training activities | You will always have up-to-date, online records of training. Our Learning Management System provides you with a significantly more secure, robust, yet user friendly system for document control compared to any paper based system.

Get exactly what you want | We work with you step by step while we develop to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Reduce administrative costs | The online training reporting tool allows you to announce, manage, track and report on all training at the touch of a button.

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