Delivered to clients through a unique combination of advanced on-line services and a global network of Accredited Partners, Human Resource Excellence® provides organisations with a significant competitive edge and formal acknowledgement of International Best Practices in Human Resource Development.

Why implement a formal HR Development Standard?

  1. A substantial improvement in the achievement of the organisation’s Goals and Objectives.
  2. A significant improvement in Customer and Staff Satisfaction surveys.
  3. Higher quality of job applicant and a reduction in costly and disruptive staff turnover.
  4. A marked increase in the ‘involvement, interest and pride’ shown by managers and staff.
  5. Improvements in compliance demands, succession planning for key people and other HR related practices, systems and policies.
  6. Considerably improved Return on Investment (ROI) from the HRD budget.

Why choose Human Resource Excellence®?

  1. Strong focus on the performance of the organisation as its primary objective.
  2. Agreed flexibility to meet socio-geographic needs and the requirements of multinationals.
  3. Innovative and cost and time effective support services, combining on-line technologies with a global network of “Accredited Partners”.
  4. The Human Resource Excellence® ‘Gold Standard of Excellence’ and associated plaques and materials are an important acknowledgement of International Best HRD Practices.
  5. The HRE Standard is governed and advised by an independent, international, panel of experienced experts, academics and business managers.
  6. The HRE annual Audit Report and Recommendations ensures continual improvement.